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You can start your class whenever you what and wherever you want. Our online learning platform works on tablets, your phone and your computer.

Learn From The Best Lecturers and Professionals In The World!

The Turnaround Management Society Training lecturers are the best in the world. They have many years experience in restructuring and turning around companies, teaching and researching crisis management.

Dr. Christoph Lymbersky

Senior Lecturer

Making the impossible possible. Turning, people, projects and companies around. Dr. Lymbersky is also Director of the TMS.

Carsten Ovens, MIB

Senior Lecturer

Carsten Ovens is a very experienced senior lecturer of the Turnaround Management Society and different universities.

Dr. Viktor Becher

Senior Lecturer

Experience Crisis Communications Consultant and Business Analyst.

Herman Seger


Very experience corporate restructuring professional and turnaround management lecturer.

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Start Whenever You Want

You can start your course whenever you want and learn wherever you want. Our multiplatform interface makes it possible to study on your tablet, your computer or even your phone.

You can start your courses at any time you like and have up to 3 month to complete the program. If you need more time, just tell your lecturer and we will extend your class to fit your personal needs.

It is however recommended that you work on your progress regularly and finish in time since it would get harder for you if you take to many breaks between lessons.

Track Your Progress Online

You can track and check your learning progress online at any time. This way we maximize the chance that you pass your exam at the end of the course. Your lecturer will also check your progress with you and recommend you to take the exam or rework parts of the course.

We Provide Everything You Need

All materials that you need to pass your course are provided by us. That includes the International Turnaround Management Standard in full version, articles, case studies and latest research. Depending on the course package that you order you will also get free access to industry specific websites, and the Turnaround Management Journal subscription.

Experienced Lecturers

Our lecturers have thought many hundred students at various universities around the world. They are all very well prepared for every question you have.

They are also experienced turnaround and corporate restructuring managers that have worked for medium sized companies and large multinational organizations.

Recognized Certification Program

The Certified International Turnaround Manager qualification program is an internationally well known certification by the Turnaround Management Society. We uphold the highest standards to ensure the best reputation possible.

Worldwide there are a few thousand professionals certified today.

TMS Training Publications


Case Study: SAAB

The once so proud Swedish company Saab filed for bankruptcy this month and is faced with very little support from its stakeholders. That was once different, in Saab’s early years, the automobile producer was able to gain and maintain a loyal customer base of clients looking for a car that is special, a car that […]

Case Study: Schlecker

In 1975, Anton Schlecker founded a new kind of store in Germany, a shop system that was revolutionary at that time: the drug store chain Schlecker. Two years later, Schlecker had a hundred stores, and seven years after that, Schlecker opend its one thousandth store in Germany. The rapid expansion was due in part to […]